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Name: Mary-Joann

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My Spirit II continues to fullfill any requirement made of it. A new paddler fearful of tippy boats? Perfect for instilling confidence. 3 big adults? - room for center seat and it moves right along. - Longer trip? plenty of room for extra gear. Big difference in paddlers sizes? Bow chair is adjustable for balance. Portage? composit very light. Good paddling in any weather and water condition up to class II whitewater.. I t is a great canoe. Need any addional help? We-No- Na company very nice to deal with.

Very fast for a small boat. At 5'8" and heavier than I want to be it is a tight fit getting in and out. Also, the extra weight makes it necessary to add an extra weight in the bow for proper balance. It is really built for the slender paddler.