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Name: kmedders

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My fiance and I purchased sun dolphin Bali 10 SS as our starter kayak. They are relatively cheap, we didn't want to spend to much money on something we didn't like. These kayaks have some pro and cons to them but overall they're pretty nice for the price you pay.

Some of the pro's I have noticed about them is that they are vary comfortable. We have taken ours on trips down the river where we've floated for nine hours strait and nothing got sore on our nine hour float. They sit very high off the water so you can put a lot of extra stuff in the kayak with you and not have to worry about it falling out unless you are tipping over. These kayaks come with all the essentials but nothing to fancy. They definitely hold their weight limit and more if you want to try it. water comes in the scupper holes but not over the sides, you can plug the scuppers.

Some of the cons are that this kayak is so short when you paddle you just turn back and forth back and forth until you get up enough speed to stay strait. When you do get up enough speed if you stop paddling they do not stay strait then either they will turn by them selves to one side. This was very annoying when I first got started but once you get used to both of these things its not so bad. Another thing is that they are very small so the storage on them is very limited, but I don't consider that a con because they didn't waste the space for storage on the kayak its just a short boat, there's not much boat there. I say this is a small boat but they do have smaller ones that I have never been on and I hate to see what they are like.

This brand of kayaks has several different solid colors to choose from, ocean blue ,red , navy, lime green, orange, and pink for the ladies,they have a recreational style and fishing, and they come with some really sturdy paddles that float. Their paddles are square on the end which I prefer over any other paddle now that I've used it so much. It pushes you through the water a whole lot harder in my opinion, but I know everybody is different when it comes to their paddles.