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I have had my Calabria for 3 years now. I bought the boat for my wife to use (infrequent paddler) and to take newbies, lend to friends etc. In calm conditions the boat is very stable and edges well. No fun at all in any kind of following seas or wind. Given the target audience for this boat I think that the rudder should come with. The boat is well constructed. I like the fully adjustable cockpit since I rarely have the same paddler in it twice in a row, fits a wide range with the fore & aft seat adjustment combined with adjustable thigh bracing. I'd give it a thumbs up for a beginner in calm conditions, I'm less than enthused about it in wind and wave though.

I have had my Artisan Millenium for a bit over 2 years now and I would have to agree with the others here that it is a great boat. It is a bit reluctant to turn downwind, but once you get it turned the excellent skeg holds you on the downwind course very well. In fact the skeg allows the paddler to lock onto any point relative to the wind you chose simply by adjusting it up or down, the further down the more the bow falls off. I purchased the rudder kit for mine but I have never installed it. The foot boards (rather than pegs) are very comfortable. The seat is not padded, yet I have never had a problen with "numb buns" even after hours in the saddle. It rolls easily, though I have some trouble getting laid back over the stern for recoverys. I tend to do a sort of modified (read sloppy) C&C roll, but the boat is so forgiving that it pops up pretty much first time every time. I am a 6'2", 210# male and the boat fits me very well. Yes, the cockpit combing could be a bit larger for my long legs, but I would not want to trade off the excellent thigh bracing for the ability to pull my knees out of the cockpit. Any sea kayak is a compromise of speed, stability, handling and efficiency. I think KajakSport has the blend just about right with this boat.

I purchased my RavenSpring Uno drysuit in October 2002. I could not be happier with this product. The suit is very well constructed and fits very well (each suit is made to order). I did have a small problem with one of the seams of protective layer over the upper right leg (cosmetic defect not functional defect). I notified RavenSpring immediately and they told me that they would repair this type of defect at ant time, even out of warrantee. I proceeded to use the suit for the remainder of the winter and sent the suit in for repair about 18 days ago. The suit was promptly repaired and has already been returned. RavenSpring even credited me for more than my cost of shipping the suit to them. RavenSpring makes a great product and they back that product with prompt , friendly service. (BTW guys, get the relief zipper!)

Thule Hull-O-Ports. Love them. Very secure and easy to load. Have carried a Seda Tango on them with no need for tying down the bow or stern. Down rated them 1 point because they do generate a bit of wind noise.