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Name: pknicks

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I didn't give the kayak 5 stars simply because it has a modified valve and a separate pump is needed to blow it up.However, the stitching is excellent and easy to get it in the water, handles very well (almost as good as a hard tail), and tracks perfect with minimal paddling skill. I would not hesitate to purchase another, and am pleased with the AE's customer support!

The kayak inflates/deflates relatively fast. It has 2 skegs as part of the skin..tracking leaves a lot to be desired. It is ok in calm lakes/streams/coves. It weighs in at approximately 25 lbs, and it is not the easiest kayak to dry out. The outer skin is virtually indestructable, but it suffers from being slow and raft like.

I purchased this boat for river and bay use. The Kayak tracks super with the attached skeg, handles waves well, and is very lightweight to maneuver. You can stretch legs fully in the cockpit, or sit as in a ride on top yak.. It's great for the money and easy to carry (aprox. 36 lbs)