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Name: rlsimmonds

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Really nice all around board. Fast, lightweight, and very stable. Handles chop very well. A great board for beginners as well as the more experience paddler. Great board for all waters and conditions. Pros Lightweight, stable, maneuverable, great in all waters. Cons Float weight Usage Touring but my wife has raced with it.

I have a Starboard 12'6" touring board. It is the third different board that I have owned. I love it, it makes me look better than I am. It's fast, stable, and durable. Very light to carry also. I am sold on Starboard. Pros Fast, Lightweight, stable. Cons Not as maneuverable as some boards but you can adapt to it the more you use it. Usage Used it to race in the 2014 Colonial in New Bern, NC and in the 2014 NC Paddle Fest. I like to get it out and just cruise as well.