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Name: FredC

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As long as you have come to terms with tandem kayaking and all it involves and you don’t have a strong “need for speed” this is a good choice. I have had the Tofino a few years now but I only use it a few times a year, all in the ocean. Fit and finish are very good. I have had no problems with anything and the kayak works as well as it did on day one. Like most glass tandems of this size it is HEAVY! (Even more so with a little gear thrown in.) So if your girlfriend / wife / child is your paddling partner seriously consider a kayak cart.

Very, very stable but that comes at the expense of speed. Even so, with two strong paddlers it still moves right along. So far the cockpits have remained bone dry. There is an immense amount of storage. If you are into kayak camping this could be a good choice for you. The front seat can be a little bit of a wet ride in the right conditions. This could probably be improved by moving a little more gear to the rear. I use this kayak primarily for saltwater fishing. It works out great that your partner can control the boat while you fight the fish and visa versa! Trolling also works very well because you never loose your momentum. If you need to pull in your line to check something, take a drink, scratch your nose, whatever, your partner keeps the kayak moving right along.

Things I would change: Smaller cockpits and larger compartment storage would be nice, maybe even more separation between seats and add another hatch in the middle. Add deck lines between the cockpits. I will probably do that this year.

I have the 170 in Poly. I think it is a great kayak and would buy it again. I would even think about it in glass. Why the rating of 8? Customer service is practicaly non existant. If you have an issue (broken part or replacement part needed etc)it will most likely not be resolved. The people that answer the phones are very uninformed. They seem able to send out hatch covers and the like but just don't expect them to be for your boat! : ) Otherwise I am happy.