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Name: dginsberg

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Not wanting to clean out my garage, I waited more than 10 years to buy a kayak. When I saw the OruKayak my excuse was gone. It fits in my closet, and transports in my Prius trunk. With practice I think I could probably assemble it in close to 5 minutes. I've taken it out 3 times already, and each time it takes me a lot of extra time due to curious onlookers asking questions! Although the attention was fun, it did distract me and I made a couple of errors, like not buckling a seat strap and forgetting to put the rubber fairings on (which fortunately I caught before putting the boat in the water).

I don't have enough kayak experience to have a good feel of how it handles compared with other kayaks, but found it handles well. I'm 5' 10" and about 181 lbs. An older woman kayaker told me she bought a Kevlar kayak because it was only 30 lbs and she couldn't carry much weight. She was astounded mine weighted 25 lbs.

I think each kayak design makes tradeoffs, but the portability, and quick set up compared with other foldable kayaks, makes up for any shortcomings.

I had a buckle get stuck. I sent a picture to the company and they said it apparently got cross threaded, presumably because it didn't go in straight. They offered to send in a new strap and buckle, but I succeeded in unbuckling it by pulling hard on the strap with pliers while stabilizing the boat with my feet and pressing the releases.