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Our Boy Scout Venturing Crew was in need of a solidly built trailer at an affordable price to transport a growing fleet of kayaks and canoes. I researched a variety of brands, and ultimately chose the 6 canoe/12 kayak trailer (KC1000-6) by Genesis Trailers. Unlike some trailers that are based on a generic 4x8 utility trailer, this one is a purpose-built trailer for carrying canoes & kayaks, with a frame design similar to a boat trailer. They also manufacture a 4 canoe / 8 kayak setup and I believe they also now have a smaller 2 canoe / 4 kayak version.

Their distributor, Sherri with Total Life Luxuries (look up her store on EBay with trailer specs and photos) was extremely helpful in getting all my picky questions answered and with arranging the purchase and delivery. It was shipped via R+L Carriers and the driver was great in delivering the chassis exactly where we wanted it; he even helped move it down a narrow driveway and into our garage. Some assembly is required to attach the axle/wheel assembly and the uprights and crossbars, but is easily accomplished by 2 people with simple hand tools. The trailer is prewired internally and the lighting fixtures are good quality. Other features I like are the galvanized frame, 12" wheels/tires and grease fittings on the bearings. These are standard features for which some other manufacturers charge extra. Also, the uprights and crossbars are adjustable to allow for different lengths and heights of boats. But I've carried 12' long kayaks to 17' canoes without adjusting anything.

Genesis has further improved the design from the pictures shown on their website -- the frame is now longer and the tongue is shorter, such that both uprights are situated inside the main frame. It's a very strong design with nice welds, a true 54" wide inside the fenders which makes it more stable than a 48" frame. Even with people standing on it while loading boats it doesn't feel tippy at all. The crossbars are 72" wide so wider rec boat hulls are no problem. At about 500 lbs the trailer tows easily even with a smaller vehicle, and can be moved around by hand when empty. The only thing you need to add are some padding (we used foam pool noodles) and some good cam straps. The capacity is 900-1000 lbs, although I would recommend if you carry gear inside your boats, brace the ends of the uprights to the frame with extra straps in order to keep the load from rocking from side to side in cross winds.

We've put this trailer through its paces including a 1300 mile round trip, and couldn't be happier with it. At under $1400 shipped it was less expensive than many competitor's model and is an excellent value, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone who has multiple boats to transport.

Inexpensive entry-level kayak that's great to learn the basics in, or just have some fun in protected waters. I bought one for my teenage son and he was comfortable in it right away, lots of initial stability and easy to paddle. I took it out for a spin and was pleased with how easy it is to turn yet it's not hard to keep it going in a straight line, nor does it feel sluggish for being 30" wide (note: you may find a 230cm paddle is better suited for this boat than 220).

You can fit a surprising amount of gear in it if you want to, and a 20L drybag can be squeezed in forward of the footpegs. Austin Kayak sells a $39 bulkhead kit if you want to convert the stern to dry storage. The Phase3 seat and other features are the same as you will find on W.S.'s touring boats. I think the cockpit is a little too big especially for a slim teenager, but at the same time that makes it comfortable if you have long legs and easy to get in and out, and you can carry your lunch and fishing gear for a day out on the lake.

As a testament to how versatile this little boat is, we took it on a 26-mile day paddle, and although my boy had a little trouble keeping up with the sleeker kayaks, he and the Pamlico did just fine, both on choppy and flat water. Well-made, fun and cheap -- due to the good value of this model and ease of carrying/loading, I am considering getting another one just for pokeboating on easy rivers and bays.