Name: waterstrider

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I purchased a Bell Magic in 2000 and was aware of their Rob Roy at about that time or a little later. I was attracted to the Rob Roy, However, I couldn't justify getting it as I had a solo canoe and some kayaks. Then Bell sold the business and the Rob Roy became unavailable. Well, Bell is back as Northstar and the Rob Roy is back (at least the 15). So I got one when they first became available and I love it like I love the Magic. My other kayaks are like Chevies to the Rob Roy as a BMW. It has great glide, tracks well, and turns when you want it to with its ample rocker at both ends. Other big points for me are the large cockpit, the decking, the comfortable seat with relatively high backrest, and the weight (or lack of it). It also looks great. It is a very sweet ride. You are getting what you pay for or more.

My last name is Bell, but there is no relation to the manufacturer or related reason for buying this canoe. I love it. I also have another canoe and three rec/touring kayaks. The Magic is my favorite unless I'm feeling the need for a backrest. It is very efficient in the water, yet has sufficient rocker to turn well. I'm convinced that they met the varied needs of forward speed, trackability, and turning capability very well. Plus, mine with wood trim, is flat-out beautiful!