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This is a great Kayak to paddle in the Great Lakes and Oceans. It has plenty of storage for camping and navigates waves on a windy day.

It is 17 feet long, 24 inches wide and can carry 400# giving ample room for your tent, sleeping bag and other camping gear and it weighs only #60.

The tempest 170 is a great all round kayak. It is a medium size kayak 22 inches wide and 13 inches deep. Kayak cruises steady but turns well with lean turns. The drop skeg works well in waves to maintain your heading. Typical weight 57# for a roto molded boat.

I paddled the Tempest in the past and last year purchased one that was used. The tempest is a solid boat that cuts the water nicely. It has a drop skeg that can help with keeping a heading in waves by anchoring the stern.

The Tempest is reasonably quick and turns nicely on a lean turn. On a 4 mile paddle I averaged 5.2 mph with top speed of 6.8 mph.

I replaced the backband because it was broken when I purchased it. This is very unusual and not likely a design issue.

I looked at many types of boats at the paddlefest. Because I am 6'3" tall, many of the boats I tried did not fit. It came down to 4 boats. But of all the boats, the Storm seemed to be the quickest and most maneuverable. I got a good deal on the 2000 model. Due to the reviews here I knew of the problems with the plastic.
My wife tried it and wants one too. The lever to put down the rudder is a really nice feature, Although the rudder does not deploy all the way down. Just 90 percent of the way. I have not had any oil canning problems yet, but can see how it would happen. I do have a few deep scratches. I expect to hit it with a torch to clean them up at the end of the year.
All in all I love the boat and accept the problems.

My wife has this kayak and loves it. I have paddled it many thins and find it enjoyable. It is very manuverable and fast. It rocks a little at low speeds or while sitting. However the stability is quite good. Vendor Info: As the name implies, the "Sport" was designed specifically with sporty paddling in mind. It will find a home in rock gardens and surf zone mayhem; anywhere that maneuverability and final stability are highly valued. This shorter Looksha has significant rocker and when leaned onto its hard-chined edge, it will spin on its axis. Length:14'4",Width: 22.5", Depth: 12.5",Cockpit: 29.5"x16",Rear Hatch: 14.5"x10.5"

Beautiful boat. I had loads of fun for a week up in the Adirondacks. It glides smoothly, tracks well and very comfortable. I am 6'3" and 225# but I still have plenty of room. I have packed enough gear for two people. The rudder works well. Rudder is not too sensative that it makes it hard to stay straight but still turns well.

Reason I gave it a nine was because it is made of fiberglass and I have to be careful with it (No rocks). Also it is so long it is a little hard getting it up on the roof carrier.

I recently purchased a Looksha Sport. First, I got a poly boat with a skeg and bulkhead. The boat paddled well and the skeg added some tracking. The boat is a little tippy getting in and at low speeds but gets nice a stable once moving. There were some manufacturering defects and the distributer was very easy to work with and even upgraded it to a rudder which works great.