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The CLC 17' Chesapeake is a real nice boat! I finished two of them recently. One for me and one for my daughter. The kits go together easily and look professionally done when finished. They are a good choice for a larger kayaker (either taller or rounder) as they have a high volume and can still take a large amount of gear for camping. They are seaworthy under rough conditions. I saw a movie on Public Television of a couple of guys who made a trip from Alaska to Seattle in these boats. In most categories of kayaking these boats are at or near the top so they get a top pick for a good all around kayak. The only thing I would not recommend them for is shallow white water with lots of potential rock strikes.

I am on my second Mad River Explorer canoe. The first one I bought new in the 17" Royalex with wood bright work through out. It was beautiful but heavy and the wood rotted off twice. It was a bullet proof canoe that could take on heavy water. I liked that it floated half way out of the water when full of water. But I sold it for a lighter boat. I then found a used 16' in Kevlar last fall. Again the wood gunnels were broken and rotten. So I switched it to aluminum to save weight.

The handling characteristics are excellent with good secondary stability. When lightly loaded there is a little rock blip from side to side when paddling. The paddlers should just rock there hips with it. Although no boat is ideal in all conditions, this design is the best all around design still available. It tracks well and is fast, takes whitewater or large lakes with heavy seas, bounces off rocks, and its light. It will haul over 1/2 a ton, that is about 20 times its own weight.

As I enter geezerhood a light canoe is a real helper when out in the sticks. I also have a seat/yoke mid thwart from Spring Creek so it is easier to solo and can be set up to row like a scull. In large lakes with lots of wind (i.e. BWCA) this is a good way to go as well as use for sculling for exercise.

When selecting a model just pick how much you want to carry. If you choose wood bright work be advised the hull with outlast the wood by several times and you can switch to aluminum.