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This canoe is interesting; very durable you could carry a very heavy load in it. It handles very well. If you have some weight it will take the wind very well. A little heavy at about 90lbs but once in the water handles good - also comfortable with lots of leg room.

I bought this at a yard sale I am very impressed with this boat. I am a pretty big guy and when I get into it it feels like a part of me It is very stable and responds well.
I have 6 kayaks and this is far and away my favorite.
When I have kayak canoe outings everyone fights over the shaman If you find one buy it.

Very stable very well built Is a very nice looking boat I have had many compliments on it I also like the fact that it is made by a small company that answers the phone

The boat is stable I am not afraid of tipping The problems are foot space and the cockpit is too close to the water I tested the 12ft Kestrel HV and wished I had bought this one