Name: lswoody

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Bought this one person canoe 3 yrs ago. I'm very impressed with it. This canoe tracks very well and is easy to paddle with a kayak paddle. It is also stable. The weight is under 40 #s and makes it so easy to load/unload from a roof top.

I've used this for fishing in ponds, lakes and slow rivers. It is perfect for these type waters and can handle 1 and 2 class rapids with ease. This is a tough and durable canoe and at a price of around $400, you can't go wrong.

I rated this canoe at an 8. The reason is because of the seat. The seat is not comfortable and feels like it is tilted forward. I've tried all kinds of cushions and the most comfortable I've found is a throwable floatation cushion. If I had it to do all over, I would buy it again!!