Name: lindab

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I'm a little surprised at some of the negative reviews on the 174. We have had one for several years and I love it! This thing paddles well and is very stable. It glides over rocks in very shallow water while other people we were with were scrapping bottom. It bounces off rocks and large boulders without damage. We have only used it with 2-3 people. I suspect that using it as a solo would be more difficult. I only give it a 9 because it is heavier than our Wenonah canoe.

I thought this kayak would work well as a solo based on some of the reviews. They were wrong. I really hated this boat. When out on a lake with a little wind and wave, it literally spun around and kept turning 90*. (I do not have a rudder.) It was a struggle every time a small wave hit the boat and would not remain straight. My husband and son also tried it as a solo. They are more experienced than I am but also had a lot of trouble with the tracking. It did handle better when they both rode tandem and paddled. It is now for sale and I'm looking for another brand of kayak.