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At 65 years of age and after owning a series of kayaks (including SOTs, tandems, racing and touring boats), I have now settled on a delightful small recreational craft: the diminutive 9-foot Dagger Zydeco. This is my go-to boat for quick, impulsive trips to the many local lakes in my area. I love that it's so easy to load the little orange plastic kayak into my truck camper: it fits snugly at an angle in the 8-foot bed. Throw in my beloved Werner paddle, trusty PFD, and fly rod and in a short time I'm on the water.

Besides the ease of loading and unloading the 36-pound kayak, it is effortless to get in and out of the cockpit. Like me, most people will eventually experience knee, back, or balance issues, but the Zydeco 9.0's roomy, 22" x 38" cockpit enables anyone to slide in and out comfortably and gracefully.

Once on the water, the Zydeco is a delight. The comfy seat and backrest is easy to adjust, as are the foot braces. There is plenty of padding in the cockpit for a secure, snug fit.

While not winning any races, the Zydeco is a fun, easy to paddle, stable platform for bird watching, photography, and/or my favorite sport – fly fishing. I highly recommend the Zydeco for anyone who wants an affordable, lightweight, comfortable and stable kayak.

Comfort, good price, and fit adjustability... – what more could a person need in a personal flotation device?
I found all three requirements and more in Bass Pro Shops' Ascend Deluxe Paddling Life Jacket for Women. The vest, which comes in three sizes, with eight points of adjustment, and built-in sculpted cups, will fit any gal's shapely curves or svelte figure.

I love this PFD! Easy snap open front pockets with drainage and a key ring hanger, open sides and lots of ventilation assures you and your belongings will be safe and cool.

I can attest that following an intentional capsize in a small sailing dinghy, this vest passed the true test! It’ is comfortable and provides the flotation you might just one day need!