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Name: QAjaqer99

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I built this one in 2009, after putting it off for more than a year while the packages stood on my front porch in Beverly Hills FL. Finally topped it on my PU and hauled to my place,Sunset, in Ft. Collins, CO. Waited until fall to start and thus had to build a tent to cure the epoxy in the 40° nights. I added extra pounds as it was my first experience with epoxy and the inside bottom hull got coats too thick; however, it may have paid off for once in FL the bow painter, which I forgot to tie down, wrapped around the front wheel and a passenger noticed the hull had appeared in the driver side window such that I no longer could open my door. Exiting in trepidation I was surprised to find the hull intact, no damage, buTT the Yakima bar bent. A tribute to the toughness of CLC stitch & glue construction and my old kernmantle climbing rope. Since then the CLC 17 has been gouged and scraped from oyster shell beaches of 10K Isles, FL to the cobbles of Elk Island in YNP.

While it is no longer looking like a varnished coffee table piece (like on its maiden cruise) it has served well as a pleasure day tripper among manatees in FL as well as week long camps out west. I especially like the hard chines which give ample warning before needing to brace. Thank you CLC I am looking forward to building another of your fine kayaks.

I have revised my rating down because every blade [6] on three paddles has separated as described previously. Steve has been very good at trying to help: offering a refund & rivets, etc., but I have been busy w/ too many things to try my repair ideas [Gorilla glue and re-rivet]. Until then the paddles have been retired.