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Yakima Mako Saddles (and Hulley rollers)have proved to be the easiest on/off boat loading combination I have seen. I carry a Wilderness Systems Pungo and Perception Acadia on husband-wife river,lake and coastal excursions of the day trip variety. I also do alot of solo,day fishing trips with the Pungo. I have hoisted heavy canoes to cartop location and wanted something to facilitate ease of loading (even with lighter kayaks). This system is super! Place bow on rear rollers; lift stern and push forward. Nothing to it. Unloading is similar and easily accomplished by one person. For any long distance trips, I travel with cockpit covers in place to prevent rain from collecting in boats since they ride "rightside up." Very easy to install (I have on a Yakima tower and cross bar system). You do have to routinely tighten fittings by hand, but no big deal. I don't give anything a 10 - thus,a 9 is a strong recommendation in my book.

I began exploring the world of kayaking about 6 months ago. I have been involved with some type of canoe/sail/or powerboat most of my adult life. I signed off the expense/maintenance/insurance and storage associated with most forms of boating and decided to purchase kayaks for my wife and I. Goals: fish, explore and exercise. My first boat after a lot of research, "nervous looking" and use of this Product Review resource was a Wilderness Systems Pungo. The size of cockpit, storage capacity and stability meet my fishing needs. However, it is surprisingly fast and fun to paddle for a wide, recreational kayak. It handles rivers or lakes with good efficiency. Seat is comfortable for both back and "bottom" permiting extended paddling. I purchased a spray skirt and intend to push the limits of the paddling season here in Tennessee. Great boat! Rated a 9 of 10 as I don't rate anything on a 10 level.