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Name: demmerich

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This is an outstanding kayak paddle for the money. Great for a beginning paddler who needs to match usability with economy. It's not the lightest paddle, but its weight isn't unreasonable at 34oz. This straight shaft paddle is also a great buy for the more experienced paddler who wants to toy with feathering. Adjustable to 60 degrees right or left at 15 degree increments, the Skagit allows lots of options to discover your best set up for paddling. It was this option that made me replace a lighter wooden paddle with the Skagit on an endurance paddle because I could adjust to head winds much easier.

If you want to class up paddle without sacrificing performance a Grey Owl paddle is for you. I stumbled across this small Canadian paddle maker during an extensive Internet search for wooden paddle that would compliment my wooden kayak. I bought a Tempest which fit nicely with my budget and has returned my investment with hours of relaxing comfortable paddling.

This straight shaft paddle allows only three feathering options, zero degrees and 60 degrees right or left, which is the most limiting factor of the paddle. There is also a minorly detectable slip at the Chinese made carbon fiber ferrule. For both of these deficits are easily overshadowed by its beauty and craftsmanship. The Ash shaft and Butternut, walnut, and bass blades are flawlessly finished and natural compliment magnets.

This is an awesome and versatile light that will keep you Coast Guard and state reg compliant. Compact round shape, smaller than a hockey puck, gives compliant green port and starboard red lights with 4 LEDs each and a large white backlight of 5 LEDs. Light comes with both straps and a magnet for securing, the magnet has a separate magnetic disk that can be placed under a cap cap to place the light high in a kayak or canoe. Its water proof, Floats, and is great on batteries. I used it on a 340 mile paddle with some extensive night paddling. Lights can be activated separately so the white lights can be used as a flashlight.

I'm no wood worker let alone a boat builder, but I constructed a beautiful boat that paddles straight, turns on a dime, and carries enough gear for two comfortable well fed weeks. The boat was so successful that my wife asked me to build her one and now I have two Osprey STDs.