Name: waterdog49

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Have had this less than a month, been in it twice on a river. It is heavy, so I made a pvc frame with a set of wheels to move it.

It is very stable, supports my fishing gear (multiple tackle boxes, poles, anchor, bla bla) and myself easily. Performance is stable and but not really agile. I made it do everything I wanted it to, but it is not fast. It moves easily and steadily, but I can't get bursts of speed out of it. This may be a SOT vs sit-in/canoe thing. The seat is very very comfortable and is adjustable for height as well as for/aft.

It is large inside and handles all my gear for fishing on a large river (Delaware) including some minor riffles/rapids which it handled very nicely. My end conclusion is that it is a large safe stable vehicle that very well meets my needs. I am glad I got it. 8 out of 10 because it isn't fast; can't have everything.

For reference: I'm 66 yrs old, 5' 10" and 275#. My past experience is mostly canoes (latest an Old Town Pack, 5 others including a David Yost play boat, Mohawk solo etc) and Perception Acadia and OT Otter kayaks.

Just got mine and took it out for a quick paddle. Very light and easy to carry with one hand - exactly why I bought it. Very squirrely with my weight up high. I weigh around 280# and I NEED to lower the seat! This is in the works and I expect it to get better after. Will repost when mods are done...

I've had this for over 10 years and enjoyed it every time I used it. It is responsive and easy to paddle on lakes and rivers. This has been on small creeks(~ 20' wide) and larger rivers like the tidal Delaware River south of Trenton. Used for fishing and wildlife viewing.