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I have now a Qajariaq with the glass seat. i have owned & paddled many boats. BUT this is my first by valley. This boat will turn on edge real nice and rolls easy and it has a true 13" front deck. and a low rear deck great doing the greenland rolls . valley meets up with there specs, some others do not! theres one other maker that claims there new kayak model has a 13" front deck BUT its lie. only there cockpit rim is 13" and the deck was 14-1/4" HA, they could learn alot from valley!! but i don't have to worry about that now i have the best..i bought my valley Qajariaq used. BUT now im going to buy me a new one i love this boat! i will allways have a Qajariaq. valley i never knew what i was missing. GO VALLEY! AWESOME BOAT. and thanks for living up to your specs..

I have now a NDK explorer, standard layup, after paddling many other kayaks that are close to the british design that everybody trys to copy. and never get it right, this kayak is the best i ever owned and paddled handles well in winds and tracks really well i never use the skeg it dont need it. rolls and edges perfect and turns. as of now i have got my BCU 3 star in this boat! NDK explorer is the best.

I have a new Chatham 18 carbon, and gel coat came off like a egg shell crack up flaked off at the hull keel not the bottom but near the seam at the rear air between the carbon and gel coat? Problem! And also the hatches are not tight and the front hatch let water inn when I was in heavy chop 1/2 gallon!

The back band has lumps in it where the bungees hook to it, painful. And the seat held in with velcro? We got to do better then this, guys at 3,199 dollars for a kayak with this? But the design of the kayak hull and deck is the best I ever paddled. Maybe I got a blim? Turns great and tracts great handles winds and heavy chop well, I’m sad but glad this kayak is lean and mean and can do what I want it too. Just this one has some problems, that’s all.