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I purchased a Jetboil system with stabilizer and pot support before my last river trip. It worked great for me and my cooking style. Hot coffee in a few minutes while still in my sleeping bag. Sausage and rice for breakfast. Hot soup for a shore lunch instead of sardines and crackers. Chicken and Noodles for supper. All from the same, compact efficient unit. If your into fried food, this ain't the stove for you. For hot drinks and "wet" foods, it's great. It's small, sets up quick and is self contained. I'm keeping mine!

I purchased a Loon 111 early in September. It's been on a bunch of mountain lakes and ponds in Colorado, local ponds, creeks and lakes here in mid Missouri and down the Current river in southern Missouri since then. I got it for fishing and because it fits nicely on the roof of my Jeep Wrangler. It tracks well, is stable and is fast enough to get me to the next fishing hole! My tackle box, a soft tool bag, fits in the cockpit and is easy to access. In short, I just love this boat!