Name: Rubicrawler

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The Nova Craft Trapper (mine in Rx) is an absolute dream to paddle! Set to one side of the seat slightly healed and you couldn't ask for a nicer ride! It goes straight with little correction and a proper J stroke yet quickly maneuvers as you wish. I'd never dream a short fat canoe would paddle so well.
I give it 5 stars!!

On the opposite end of the spectrum of my Nova Craft Trapper is my Wenonah Voyager. It is a long and sleek solo canoe and is perfectly at home on larger bodies of water especially with a 25+ mile a day pace. It speeds along with excellent glide and minimal effort fully loaded with gear and dogs. The tractor-style seat allows a choice between a double bladed paddle or a single. I have been out on windy days with 25-30mph gusts and it performed well. Weight helps in those conditions. I love this canoe!

I own 5 kayaks and a Loon 120 is one of them. I am not a rich man, I am a family man. My Loon is a very good kayak for the money. It is easy to paddle and very stable. Watch for the sales you can find them around $400.00.
I love it!