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Name: CathyY

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I have owned my Cobra for about 10 years-ish. I use it in rough waters and have always been very pleased with the tracking and speed. It's pretty, it's comfortable, it's stable, and has tons of storage for my annual 5 day camping trip. On the downside, it's very hard to turn if you're trying to turn sharp, even with the rudder; this limits shoreline exploring. It sits low in the water, and with 5 days supply, even lower. Then in rough water, the cockpit fills quickly, and you can't get enough speed for the venturi valve to work. So you have to stop, pump out, and lose all momentum. The very conditions that fill the cockpit are the conditions that prevent me from getting the speed I need to drain it. This has been by far the greatest drawback on this otherwise awesome open cockpit boat.