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Extremely stable board for the beginner, expecially the gravitationally enhanced beginner. I am a 6'1", ~200 lb. old guy and after 1 week am able to paddle more than a mile without falling. Mostly. The deck offers excellent grip and the 36" width is as stable as any platform out there. This is probably not a high performance board, but I am in no position to determine just how far it falls short in that role. It is an excellent board to learn on. Because of the 6" thickness, taller paddlers (over 6') will benefit from a longer paddle than provided, but the package paddle is adequate for starting. The pump works well, and even as out of shape as I started the season, I was able to pump it up in under 15 minutes. Great beginner board.

First of all, the sizing chart is accurate. It fits perfectly. The quality is excellent, seams are right - the stiching is perfect, no missed stitches, no loose threads, then they are taped with no voids. There is a double waist gasket, and the neck gasket is comfortable! Much more comfortable than any other drytop I've tried. (Size 17 neck). No leaks in flat water (I haven't gotten to really try it out yet).