Name: joyous

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My friend and I love these paddles! They have a lot of the features found in those costing considerably more. The grip is comfortable and the blades can be feathered. On day-long paddles on quiet rivers and lakes, they are light enough that we don’t experience paddling fatigue. We haven’t babied them; their rigid construction has dug us out of muddy landings and pulled us through weed-clogged passages. They are a good match for our folding kayaks; everything can be stowed inside the car (or the airplane). The Whisper has been perfect for the beginners we were, and will serve us for a long time to come.

I've had my Kiawah for a year. Perfect for all the lakes in and around Minneapolis/St. Paul, and the many quiet rivers. Performance on those waters is equal to a hard shell. Fast set up, faster break down, stores in a closet, on a plane, in a car (no rack!). The seat isn't perfect, but there are after-market pads that can help. Sweet boat, great company.