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I got Lifetime Freestyle XL by Lifetime SUP in addition to my kayak to do new type of exercise. As result I used it most of summer, leaving kayaks at home. Freestyle XL is stable to go through water rapids, short enough to fit inside Toyota Sienna minivan with back door closed. 2 fins are collapsible, which is priceless when you paddle through area with dense vegetation. Pros inexpensive, stable, fits inside minivan between seats, strong plastic, 2 collapsible fins Cons little heavy Usage touring, exercise, fishing, photography

This is an unusually well-tracking kayak for so such small size. It is stable enough. Dry storage is small, thought enough to hold wallet, car keys in zip-lock. I'm keeping this kayak, because it fits inside Toyota Sienna.
Not sure about weight limit. I'm 160LB and shorty, kayak is good for me, however person who is 200LB or over will find it too small and unstable.