Name: PatriotBliss

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I just bought a Catalyst 13.0 and I must say overall I am very pleased. This will be my second kayak, and in my opinion it is a marked improvement over the Riot Stealth (my first). It is very roomy, tracks well, and has plenty of cargo space if you want to take a weekend trip. I'm a marathoner, and was pleased that the cockpit offered plenty of room for my very inflexible legs. My only gripes with it are very minor. First of all, the rudder system works well in chop or windy conditions, but if its clear to moderate out then leave that thing up, as it is so sensitive that even minor touches will have you going in a 45 degree angle from where you intended. This results in doing a constant z pattern rather than tracking straight. (This only applies in flatwater though, as I recently was caught in a bit of a storm and found the rudder to be a lifesaver in those conditions). The seat also caused me some pain, as the back part inflates and is very comfortable, but the seat itself is merely some sponge on a plastic slab. I wish they had applied the pump to the seat part as well. Overall though this kayak seems to be everything it is advertised as and would recommend it highly.