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Name: prof_funk

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I have never felt any boat was deserving of a 10 before, maybe a 9 but not a 10, but this one deserves it.

It has all the right characteristics-all combined into one. Nice sleek lines, super fast in the right hands, and considering how narrow and fast, not as tippy as some other boats that might be as fast such as Mako or k-1, or even some boats slower than this are tippier. Mako might be a Tad faster on glass but other than that, I feel slower unless one can handle the tippiness. The tippier Mako translates to Slower in reality, because one can not put 100% energy into forward propulsion, as one is concerned about balance issues.

The Mako in rougher waters is not as easy to handle as Huki.

This is my favorite boat, even like it better than Thunderbolt which I also own and do like. Fast on flat and handles rough water really well...not squirrelly or rolly-polly like a K-1 or Thunderbolt.

Good in deep water and also shallows. Good in following beam seas and diagonal too.

Very light at 26 lbs, carbon/kevlar, and a great steering assembly/system - simple and effective design and turns on a dime.

A little more money than some other racing boats, but very well worth it and justifies the cost.

And, the owner Jude is a great guy and very accommodating and knowledgeable.

Understand, that a 10 rating, is my racing surf ski :) I have paddled the Caribou S, with the skeg, and it is indeed a wonderful boat, stability-wise, nimble, just feels great - one of my two favorites. get it in kevlar, though, worth it.

Exceptional boat, graceful, very fast and efficient, have tried many others, this is one of my two top choices. good purchase, affected a bit by windage, best if used with rudder. this boat should get more recognition.

Absolutely without a doubt, the finest touring paddle I have tried, and I have tried all the very top brands in graphite. Very light, moves into, through, and exits beautifully, propells easily and quickly. outstanding. only paddle I like better is their wing paddle, for my racing surf ski.