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I just fried my second and I wouldn't buy another. It is supposed to be waterproof, but it isn't. Mine is (was two years old) and it said on the box as well as in the instruction booklet that it was waterproof. The new ones, (same model) do not make that claim, and it is obvious why. Mine is still under warrantee, but there is no way you can reach them by phone, (you keep getting a message that they are too busy and to reach them on line; try online using the "Contact button" and you go around in circles.
Mine was tethered to the front deck and it slipped into the water for a few seconds, and that is all it took. It no longer would work after that.

I would not recommend you waste your money on this high-end expensive water proof head lamp. There is no way to keep the straps tight, and the light keeps slipping down on your forehead. I had to finally use electrical tape to keep the strap from slipping. Also the flash control button will drive you crazy. I plan on cementing a raised button on it, so I won't have to take it off to find it.

I have probably replaced more parts and pieces on the Smart Track rudders than any person other than a outfitter. My next boat will not have them.

There are thirteen moving parts on each side. They might be fine if you don't put many miles on your boat in a year or if you just paddle in fresh water. Over the years I have had parts and pieces break on several of the boats we have. The final straw was last year when I had to replace the rails on both sides of two boats that were only one year old. One fell off in the boat while I was using it, and when I inspected the other and then two more on my wife's boat, found them to be decaying too. Evidently the salt water is not compatible with the cheap grade of aluminum and it looked like "termites" ate up the aluminum. They were completely rotted out. I have pictures that I will gladly send to anyone that would like to see them.

If you have never used a GPS, this might be fine for you, but my wife and I just returned two of them.

We have had the Etrex, the Map 76, and then the map 76CX and each one has been an upgrade. We purchased the 78's a few weeks ago, thinking that they would be an up grade, and they turned out to be a down grade.

My comparison will be between the 76Cx and the 78: The 78 uses batteries quicker. The tide chart is ridiculous. You find a tide station that you want, and you hit the "go" and it wants to navigate you to that tide station. When you finally do get the tide chart, there are no cross hairs that give you the tide position where you are, vs, the nice accurate ones on the 76Cx. The graphics are not nearly as clear and accurate, and you can see other screens in a dark shade in the background and the individual screens are smaller. The north point is smaller. You need a magnifying glass to see the scale. When you plug into a computer, it only acts as a USB mass storage unit and can't be used unless unplugged from the computer.

We found that to get to a particular screen, you usually had to an extra step than we did with the 76CX Lastly, the micro SD card is located in a delicate hinged metal cover under the batteries, and when I went to change the battery, both the cover and the card flipped out. I was at a table, but if I were in my kayak they would have been long gone overboard.

The 78 might be good for land use or geocaching, but it is definitely a step backwards vs the 76Cx. Unfortunately, Garmin is not making the 76Cx any more...

I have had my 700 for about 3/4 of a year now. Every one else has listed all its good features, and I whole heartedly echo them. Instead of listing them I will mention the two things I don't like about it. Both my front and rear hatches leak. Phil has tried to rectifiy it by sending me new rubber gaskets, but as far as I am concerned there is no excuse for a yak that costs that much to have leaky hatches. I don't like the way the rudder sticks up in the air when not in use. I hardly use my rudder. It is just a crutch in horrendous conditions, so most of the time it is up. When turning in small streams and swamps, it has already snagged on bushes. Other than the above, it is a keeper, and if it were not for those two items, I would rate it a ten. I am 5'9", 150 pounds, and it fits me and handles like a glove in all conditions.

I have had my kevlar ultra-light core Jensen for many years now, so I guess I can safely rate it. It is a fantastic canoe, and my wife and I have a room full of trophies from racing it.

I have one complaint, and that is why I can't give it a 10. It is advertised as a great boat for paddling solo as well as tandem, but no matter how I try, it is too wide for me to paddle solo. I am 5'-9", so perhaps if I were taller with longer arms I could do it. If you want a fast reliable, tandem, light weight boat, I highly recommend it.