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I purchased these gloves for kayaking and love them. They add just the right amount of grip and cushion without restricting my hands. And they are breathable through the fabric on top. Just remember that they are fingerless, so they aren't going to add a lot of warmth to your fingers on chillier days.

Perception Sport does not have a website, so for me, I couldn't find enough information before I decided to buy this kayak from Sportsman's Warehouse. Previously, I had a Dagger Cypress and loved how it tracked and handled on slow rivers and on calmer oceans. We wanted kayaks that would be great on flat water lakes as well as moving water.

I was initially worried about the length being shorter as far as tracking, cargo capacity, etc, but I was sure wrong. My fiancé and I love this kayak! It handles small waves nicely, is easy to maneuver, is pretty stable for being so narrow and tracks well. The weight is definitely manageable for one person, and easy with two. Cargo space seems okay — we figured we could fit enough gear between the two of us for an overnight camping trip if we budgeted weight well.

We have only taken them out a couple times on a large lake (calm one day, and wavy the next), and as soon as we take them on faster water, I will update this review. Recommended!