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Owned a kevlar ultra light with wooden gunnels for five years. I love it for camping trips on moving water. Quite stable and maneuverable when loaded. No worries in class 2 plus with 2 adults with gear. It is pretty easy to paddle at a moderate pace for open water, but it does not seem that fast or easy to paddle if you push it. Love the light weight at portages. It gouges easily on rocks, but has never been holed. Broke a wood gunnel at the yoke. Easy to fix as it is three separate layers. I would buy another if I lost this one.

My canoe is the Chipewayan, which is now called the Camper16. It has molded seats instead of the wood and web on the newer Camper.

It has been a very durable canoe on eastern rocky rivers. Many gouges and scrapes over rocks, but no holes. Handles Class 1 well with a load. Lack of rocker, and a flat bottom does not lend itself to more than Class 2 if loaded. Low sides has it shipping water in waves on rivers and lakes. Good initial stability. I also have an Old Town Discovery 174, a Wenonah Spirit 2, and a Mad River Guide, and the Camper is most frequently taken as a good all around choice for light loads on the local rivers and ponds.