Name: bluespaddler

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Contrary to some reviews, I think the Adirondack has plenty of initial stability, and excellent secondary stability. It also has good speed for a 16 foot canoe. Mine is the Tufweave version, so the weight is manageable, but definitely not ultra-light. Long portages are a bit of a challenge. The boat tracks well, turns well with competent paddlers, and has enough freeboard to stay fairly dry in larger wind waves. It is not a whitewater boat, although very capable of running mild whitewater. In my opinion up to class 2+ non-technical water.

The one thing I would like to change is the location of the bow seat. It seems a few inches to far forward, and I would like to see it moved back a bit. This would allow more leg room for the bow paddler, and move the weight a little closer to the center of the boat. That should improve the boats turning and handling in dynamic water.