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This is a follow-up on the Kestrel 120X roto I bought last year. I'm still very impresses with it. On calm waters it glides forever, steers fast for a 12 footer. Only been in class 2 rapids so far, but it took them without any problems. Even in 2 half ft waves its very secure. I let my wife use it this spring on the Flambeau River. I had a hard time getting it back. Now she wants to upgrade. She loved the seat and stability. Current Design has a winner here.

This is a update on a Kestral 120 XC roto. I finally got this yak on a faster flowing river, the Flambeau river in WI. The more I use this yak the more I like it. I was surprised at how fast it got up to a steady cruz speed. Very stable in class 2 rapids. Love how you can adjust the seat, back rest and the angle of the seat. I packed a lot of gear and a collapsible cooler in the dry storage. Only complaint is that it's a little heavy, but it's a sweet paddle.

I had a Swiftwater 12 footer for over a year now. I'm 6ft and 200lbs. This yak is not for me size wise. It paddles easy and secondary stability is good. Plenty of storage. Just a a little too narrow for me. I have been letting my daughter use it. She's 5'5" 120lbs, this yak performs great for her. Anybody 5'9" and 170lbs will be happy with this yak.

Tried out a kestral 120X roto the other night on a lake. It was a demo ride. Conditions were 25-35mph wind, 1 1/2 to 2ft. waves running tight together. I thought I'd take a dunking. It proved to be very stable, smooth ride, and I stayed dry. Very fast acceleration and maintained speed easy. Love the 2 dry storage compartments. I ended up buying it. I'll have more to report after a few trips later this year.

My wife and daughter love it. Tracks straight and paddles easy. It has enough dry storage and bungees on top for a days trip. Great in shallow water rivers too. Floats in only 6 in. of water.