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We now bought our 2nd We-no-nah canoe. After moving to Alaska three years ago. I decided that I would not need my canoe in Juneau, Alaska. It was a Spirit II which was just under 50 # and a delight to canoe and transport on my little wagon. At just 17' it fit perfectly in the garage and was perfect to handle and carry.. Moving back to the lower 48 and larger lakes and rivers, I missed being back on the water. When my husband said he wanted a canoe, I did my research again. I knew I we needed a lightweight canoe, stable for two larger adults and guess what was my first choice? The Spirit II . The cost had gone up from 10 years ago and transporting it from Northern Minnesota to Southern Kentucky seemed impossible. Luckily, I remember Ely, Minnesota, Paragis had a good supply and would transport them at a reasonable fee. Needless to say, at just under $3,000. We have been able to continue our canoeing at ages 60 and 80, respectively with the right canoe. Kevlar is the best!