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Name: paddlesong

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I am a 72 year old male who got hooked on sea kayaking a few years ago. I had previously owned a recreational kayak and a rotomolded sea kayak. I was searching for a boat I could feel confident in but wanted a lighter faster kayak suitable for ocean travel. After a lot of research and discussion I ordered the NC19 and received it three months ago. I have used it in at least twice a week since then sometimes in windy conditions with strong tidal movement. It felt very comfortable on breaking waves and I had no trouble maintaining my course direction whether the wind was behind me, to my side or heading in. I do not have a skeg or rudder and never felt a need to have one. This boat can hold it's course without the need for either.

The seat is very comfortable even for longer trips. I am 6'2", weigh 215 and have a 13 size shoe. The turning requires a good lean and some practice. I find it easier to roll than my Lookshaw 17. I purchased the lighter layup as I wanted the lighter wight 50 lbs and a faster boat.

The workmanship putting this kayak together is extremely professional and am really impressed as I have some fiberglass repair experience myself.

I would recommend this boat to anyone who is serious about going to the next level of sea kayaking.