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Just because I'm making payments on a $2,000 ocean kayak that I won't finish paying on until Christmas doesn't mean I had to miss this year's paddling. So I bought two Trailblazer 100's, 10-foot length, in "yummy yellow," which I hear makes me shark bait if I venture out of the Chesapeake Bay or into the ocean. No matter. I spend most of my time on the James River here in Virginia. I'm LOVING my kayaks (I bought two so I could drag friends along to experience the joy of kayaking too.)

What I love about them:
The light weight. I'm old - 60 years old in October, and when I want to paddle on the man-made lake here in my retirement community, by myself, I can. I can easily load and unload these gems. And I'm not a secret body builder either.

I love the room. As anyone over the age of 55 knows, your hips and butt spread horizontally with age. The seat in this boat cradles my bum in perfect comfort! I don't feel like I have to shoehorn myself into the cockpit at all. VERY roomy for those of us who like to eat when we're not in the water. Leg room is great, very easy to get in and out of the boat too.

Tracks well! This is the most important thing with any kayak - how does it track? Well, considering its light weight and design, I was shocked at how well it tracks. VERY easy to keep in a straight line, to turn, to maneuver. Even the beginners who have borrowed it when we go out feel like they're pros after an hour, and are very comfortable controlling the boat.

Wide Beam. The wider the boat, the more stable it is. However, past a certain width you feel like you're having to drag yourself through the water. The Pelican Trailblazer is wide enough to be stable, but not so wide you feel like you're paddling a big box that drags in the water.

Bright color choices: Love the colors it comes in - all bright, easy to see on the water colors that will, hopefully, keep some powerboat from hitting me.

There is plastic construction, which is heavy and feels and moves like a heavy tank, then there's however Pelican constructs their boats - lightweight, tough, scuff and rock resistant.

I gave this boat a 9 because, well, I'm picky. There aren't many serious cons to this at all, and some folks might not even consider them cons, especially considering the price (which is a plus!) but here goes: The wells, the place where you might want to stash lunch, or an extra shirt, suntan lotion etc., are
(1) tiny...and there's only one well. It's shallow and there's no gasket or anything that really keeps water out. It is too small to be of much use for anything over a half day trip. I use it for bug spray, lotion and an extra water bottle.
(2) The coaming (the part of the cockpit where you put a spray skirt) is not designed to be used with a spray skirt. I suppose with a very tight bungee cord you could hold a spray skirt on, but it is not meant for serious whitewater or any kind of water that breaks over the boat. However, it's nice to have something to keep drips, spray and sun out of the cockpit. 99% of people will never notice, want or use a spray skirt however, so it's just those who do, or want to, who will find it a negative.

Heat: I've noticed that sometimes heat will contort or alter the bottom of the front or back of the kayak, distorting the bottom until it hits cold water. It's annoying, but not a serious issue as it seems to pop out when it's needed.

SUMMARY: EXCELLENT boat for the price and well worth investing in one for every family member. Great ride, fun, lightweight, handles well in the bay, in a river, or in class 2 rapids or on quiet ponds. Draws almost no water, so even a one-foot deep stream can be navigated. I'd feel comfortable fishing out of this boat too.