Name: BarbaraWinckler

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Wow! What a great kayak for the smaller paddler. Touring kayak feel in a smaller more manageable size. (11'9"). 1st off, it's BEAUTIFUL!! 2. It is agile and the bow/stern rocker allows for more maneuverability, so it is a great boat to take on rivers, too. 3. Very stable. Fabulous secondary stability! 4. LOTS of storage for a boat this size. 5. comfortable seat back - padded band-style. 6. Easy to adjust foot pegs, while out on the water. (No need to crawl inside your boat to adjust- hand levers make it easy). 7. Perfect for the smaller paddler, the 24" beam allows for better paddle placement. (no need to reach over so far to place the paddle in the water. 8. The Thermoform ABS construction means that is is light enough to carry (35lbs.) 9. Can carry up to 270 lbs. so a 120 lb. paddler can carry about 150 lbs worth of gear, (if you had to! ;-)

I am 5'3, 125lb and most boats are too wide to fit me. This is the perfect fit. I LOVE it!