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Name: RobNovey

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Wonderful boat for kids. If mom and dad are kayakers, your young child will love this boat. It has all the fine touches of an adult's boat and with the optional sapele deck, is one of the best looking boats around. Because it has all the contours of a full size boat, the construction is a little more challenging. All of those wonderful compound curves happen over a shorter span than on a 16 footer, for example, but an extra set of hands and a spray bottle of water and she'll go together beautifully.

As always, the CLC kit was exceptionally complete, the fit and alignment of pieces was spot on, and their manuals are the best in the business. As for handling, it is a remarkably capable boat for its short length. Soon the young ones will be out-paddling mom and dad.
Great boat! Great build!

This boat will surprise you when you paddle it! It is a big boat... lots of freeboard, lots of carrying capacity... but it out paddles many narrower boats. The hull has very little rocker, so the water line is quite long, giving it a very comfortable fast-cruising speed. I wouldn't recommend it as a day paddler (the "LT" version would be better), but if you are headed out for a few days (or far longer), this boat will carry your gear without sacrificing your paddling enjoyment. It is swift, accelerates well, tracks great (no rudder needed), good initial and ultimate stability. A very predictable, comfortable, capable boat.

As for the build, I personally prefer the sheer clamp construction of this boat to the wired deck seam of most others. It is a little more forgiving and a lot less challenging. No problems with the build. Everything went together as it should. Another great CLC boat (this was my second and I'm on to my third, a C16 for my ex-wife... don't ask. LOL)