Name: Paddleon1

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Outstanding for extended expeditions or playing in surf. Comfortable keyhole cockpit is setup for easy access but secure fit when needed. The Explorer tracks very well, better when loaded. Fast and nimble the 22” beam creates amazing secondary stability and the increased rocker helps it turn on a dime especially with a comfortable edge. Tons of room in the three hatches including an easy access hatch just behind the paddler. Easy to roll, fun to surf and very responsive. I may be biased but this is and has been the best kayak on the water and most copied.

The Romany Explorer still stands as the model most designers have been trying to emulate. It's outstanding in rough conditions empty or full on long expeditions. Fun to surf, fast and very maneuverable. High secondary stability gives the Explorer great edging ability for aggressive turns when needed. Comfortable key hole cockpit and seat. Easy to roll and empty water from cockpit when practicing rescues. I have had a few of Nigels kayaks and haven't paddled anything that comes close to its responsiveness.