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I have used both of Point 65's first two modular kayak models the Tequila and the Martini. Both are great recreational class kayaks. Point 65 has taken an amazing leap forward with their new model the Mercury.

Like the earlier models, it can be assembled either as a solo or by adding an additional section it becomes a tandem. This makes it like owning two kayaks while only buying and storing one. The convenience of the modular design cannot be overemphasized. Taken apart it fits in the back of a SUV or in a closet. Each section (about 25 lbs.) can be carried to the water’s edge and assembled there. This opens up kayaking to people who would not be able to load a 75 lbs. kayak on top of their vehicle.

This new model is a true touring class kayak. It is longer, faster and more maneuverable than the Martini model. It has sufficient storage for a multi-day trip. It features both a rudder and a skeg.
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The Martini is made in China just like almost all kayak are now. I have had mine for a year and use it 2-3 times a week. The buckle is only needed to carry the yak to the water. There is no tension on the buckle while in the water. The rudder strings have not even begun to wear yet. The modular design is amazing both from the easy transport/storage POV but also for the hull and rudder.
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