Name: Kiteboy

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Last year I was lucky enough to purchase a carbon Chatam which I feel is the best boat I have ever paddled. I started paddling back in the 70's so I do have a little experience and I do currently own 7 kayaks. I also take every opportunity to get into and try as many boats as I can. Of all my boats I have ever paddled, the Chatam is by far my favorite.

In all my years of paddling I have never seen such a fine job of laying out the cloth in such a manner that it appears to be one piece of material with no seems. Oh yes, I got a clear coat black carbon boat. Looking like a dream is only the start because it paddles even better than it looks, if that were possible. I have been paddling the Chatam now for around 8 months and love the solid feel the edging and the great glide.

The Chatam handles waves and chop without a problem. The Chatam just feels right either moving or sitting the boat feels solid and like it is much wider than it's specs. The only thing I changed on my boat was adding a slightly wider back band. The factory back band was good but my new band is a little wider with a little addition support. Seat and thigh braces are very comfortable. Hatches are very dry and very easy to get in and out of. The curved bulkheads and smooth inside finish for places where your feet and legs touch make this boat even better. It also has a large cockpit which makes entry and exit very easy. Foot room is also excellent for my size 12 feet. So my rating is 10, 10, 10. Yes it is that good.