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Name: texmotodad

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We purchased it in 2004 for our family of 4. The kids were 4 and 6 at the time. (Plus a Border Collie.) The dealer suggested the Spirit II and we tried them both. Spirit II felt slightly easier to paddle but we really enjoy the room and stability of our Champlain (in Royalex). Been on the lakes in Austin, TX and other lakes in Texas.

Camping or just paddling. Works well. Kids are older now with their own kayaks now but my wife and I still enjoy our canoe. Funny story from this past weekend, I had the canoe balanced on one rail of the Yakima carrier and the hood of our Volvo to clear our tailgate so we could unload our camping gear. Our daughter pushed the canoe to get a little more room and the canoe slid off the front of the car! Stern first. Ground up the top plate a little. Took it to our local dealer when we got back and they said all was fine. Now that's a tough canoe!