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Name: SpychalaJ

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We are beginning kayakers, ages 67, and have bought two Pungo 120 kayaks last year. Use them mostly on lakes around North Carolina and on the marshes at the sea side. Are pretty much satisfied with the performance with one thing that they are a bit heavier than we thought. Getting them up on a trailer, with each one of us at the opposite end of the kayak, is fine for me but my wife has some problems lifting them on her end. Still able to do that and for the transportation at the lake (100-200 feet) we use a small kayak wheeler instead of carrying one kayak at the time. On the water they are very good unless some heavier boat passes by and creates a wave that may splash the interior of the kayak. Need to position the kayak properly (frontally to wave) to avoid that each time. They point well and are easy to paddle and accelerate. So far we have gone for up to about 8 mile trips each way with no problem.