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Name: MidwestNaturalist

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I just picked up my 16' Prospector in Aramid lay up and have been absolutely thrilled. I first put it in the water with my wife and we paddled it tandem. It tracked just as straight as an arrow and required very little adjustment. Then I took it out solo and it was a dream. The additional rocker over my previous tripping canoe was a vast improvement.

The staff at the London Paddle Shop were outstanding. The canoe came standard with a deep yoke, bootlace seats and iodized aluminum gunwales. Best of all, I can hoist it onto my shoulders with very little effort at all. No sense having a great canoe if you can't pick it up.

I recently bought a Grey Owl Pathfinder paddle at the London Paddle Shop in London, Ontario. I've use a number of paddles from a variety of manufacturers but I've never been as impressed as I have been with this paddle. To begin with, it\\'s a work of art. The combination of woods is aesthetically pleasing yet provides lightweight strength. The contoured handle is also something you don\\'t find on a paddle in this price range. Speaking of price, I compared this paddle to others in the shop that were similar, but twice the price. I\\'ll be telling my friends about Grey Owl paddles.