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Name: flyingslanted

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Hornbeck Canoe. I am old... not real old but definitely getting older fast and this is only one reason why my new 10.5 Kevlar canoe is so awesome. It weighs only 16lbs and is very, very stable and I am amazed at how well it tracks. It is easy to portage, and has plenty of room for my fishing gear.

The price can set you back, but for me it is worth the price since it will be used more than I would a heavier canoe or even my Eddyline kayak, which is considered light, but again, when things in the body creak, not always light enough.

You use kayak paddles and longer ones are necessary. My kayak ones at 230 are too short and I need to invest in about a 260 size. Still ok since this canoe is for sure a life-long investment that will be used.