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Name: JanieG

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In a nutshell, this board is a dream. So nice and streamlined, and makes me look like a better boarder than what I really am. Lightweight and versatile. Works beautifully for both my husband and I. Pros Lightweight, fast, easy to turn. I love the color, too - nice and calming, no so flashy like some of the boards out there. Cons Even though I love how lightweight it is, I fear that it may be a big too fragile so I'm very cautions when loading, unloading, and storing it. Usage We use our board for recreational boarding, and exercise.

This board is beautiful. Absolutely stunning. Looks alone will get this board high marks. I like that there's no logos or stickers on it to detract from it's beauty. The board is very stable and handles wakes and choppy water well. Works well if/when I want to sit on it and paddle, or lay on it for a moments rest. Perfect for exercising, too. Pros Beautiful wood grain. Handles well in choppy, rough water and glides beautifully in calm waters. Cons I love everything about this board. No con's that I can think of. Usage Recreational, exercise, getting out with my family and dog.