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I called Lauri at Suspenz some time before they offered multiple kayak racks. I was looking for a solution for 4 kayaks and after looking online at their 2 boat solution, I was hoping that they had some ideas for me. Lauri was incredibly helpful, told me that they were working on a solution and offered to send me the parts to expand their 2 boat rack to a 4 boat rack - along with helpful information as to how to stack the boats.

It has now been well over 1 1/2 years and the Suspenz rack has been fantastic. The rack is very well made and the solution is perfect. I have 2 heavy boats on it (Pamlico 140 & Tsunami 145) and two lighter boats (12 foot Calypsos). It is very easy to get the boats off and on and keep them safe and off of the garage floor. I highly recommend Suspenz and their products.