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Name: oldmanrvr

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I have owed this boat for 5 years (I think), and use it primarily as a river tripper. I live in Middle Tennessee and have used it on the Stones River, Duck River, Elk River, etc. Primarily slow moving waters. Also have been on several trips to the Jacks Fork and Current Rivers in SE Missouri.

The boat tracks well, is super durable and easy to car top. The huge cockpit is a plus to me, as is the most comfortable, adjustable kayak seat I have ever experienced. It can carry lots of gear for trips of several days to a week. It is a little heavy, but once you get moving is a breeze to paddle at a brisk rate. I love my kayak!

I purchased the Dirigo 140 in early May and have been on two river trips in TN. The first was an 8 miler on the shallow Stones River in Middle TN, where there are plenty of obstructions, deadfalls and islands to negotiate. The Dirigo handled like a charm. It tracks well, is reasonably fast with a good glide after you get some forward momentum.

My second trip was an 18 mile overnighter on the Buffalo River. It was Memorial Day Week-end and there were a million canoes on the River. I am an Old fart, 56, and this is my first Kayak. I had canoed for 10 years when I was in my 20s. I more than held my own with speed, manuverability and effort, as my 21 year old friend and his 23 yr old friend had trouble keeping up with me in their Perception kayaks.

The seat is the best I have ever seen. There is plenty of room for the biggest paddler and plenty of gear. The craftmanship is Old Town standard, best in class.

I think some of the negative reviews are by people that don't really understand the recreational class. This is not a whitewater or touring boat. It is the best compromise for comfort, stability, durability and value that the recreational class represents.