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Name: tracytippett

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I recently purchased a pair of the Old Town Vapor 10 Kayaks. I am 5'11" and 240 lbs and found the cockpit roomy and comfortable. The adjustable seat back and footpegs were easy to adjust and I soon found myself custom fitted and paddling our local canyon lake with ease.

The kayaks are quick and responsive even for novice handlers and they are extremely cost effective. I was able to purchase the pair for less than comparable singles. I suspect that the barebones approach in the Vapor might not appeal to those interested in extended touring, but it was a great lake boat which handled easily even in 20+ mile per hour winds that came up while we were out. By the time we finished a single day both our teenagers 15 & 14 were doing very well having never paddled before. My wife and I were equally at home even though our experience was in canoes and never in kayaks.
Thanks to Old Town for this great little beginner boat!!!!!