Name: MacBlount

Most Recent Reviews

I bought this boat after reading all the reviews. I was hoping the problem with the seat could be handled easily and it was. Because I'm a kayaker I'm familiar with foot pegs. I went for one paddle and decided that the foot pegs were the only thing required to make this into a great boat. I added adjustable foot pegs made by Wilderness Systems that I ordered from Austin Kayak in just a few minutes. It made all the difference in the world. Now with my feet braced against the pegs I can paddle all day without sliding out of the seat. (Old Town needs to experiment with adding the pegs.) After about a year of paddling the canoe I'm glad to say I'm VERY pleased with it. It's easy to transport and launch, easy to paddle with a kayak paddle and gives me plenty of room to take my dog with me. Love it – recommend it.